Resonance and DNA- Energy “Gates”

The thought we receive comes from the universal storehouse of thought from the All-That-Is. As thought is frequency, we only receive the frequency our state of consciousness allows in, meaning it filters out what is not of its own frequency. This filtering process is governed by the law of Resonance and Affinity.Thought enters through the […]

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Our Ultimate Reality, Enlightenment & Beyond

ENLIGHTENMENT & BEYOND ULTIMATE REALITY OF THE UNIVERSE God has no bondage to time and space. For him, all beings are the same. He is the master of the living and the non-living. At the conclusion of every aeon the process of involution is completed in the Deluge; then, evolution starts again and as Brahma […]

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Quarter code is being deciphered
At work are:-
16 Molecular Geneticist
4 Famous Scientists
7 Neurology and cardiology surgeons
Few Critics and Atheists
21 Highly educated Indian priests from the Himalayas

1 Black Gladiator- Triple Six
1 Enlightened Man -SM
God’s style is really exceptional & unprecedented! What impression we get from his/her design is a work of an extremely advanced computer language.. If a cell needs to do something (‘call a function’), it whips up the right piece of the genome and transcribes it into RNA. The RNA is then translated into a sequence of amino acids, which together make.up a protein the DNA coded for. Now for the really cool bit 🙂
each cell is LIKE A UNIVERSE!!1
& GOD Smiling within us.. rather smirking that its impossible to Open his treasure box. His challenge has got me here. among such great Men & Women.. All i need now all these frequencies & energies meet. So Invite.
we can know about the source from his code.
Deeper we go in the message in the code… More secrets shall be revealed ..
Within the tiny space in every cell in our body is a program three billion letters big!!”There has never existed a computer program that wasn’t designed, there is always an intelligent mind behind it.” When looking at the DNA structure within the human body, we cannot escape the presence of incredibly intelligent design. it is legitimate to ask oneself regarding this three billion letter code instructing the cell…who wrote this script? Who placed this working code, inside the cell? ..??? WHO!!
Its absolutely amazes me.. So on 18th may i decided to make it my life’s mission to find out..! And i know i cant do it alone.. I will need you.!
Starting with the void first—
The creative process of INFINITE LIVING DIVINE INTELLIGENCE is such, that all of Life and phenomena is subject to its wills and efforts and is the great LAW by which all particles in the Universe are obedient, including the behavior of energy fields such as light, heat, gravity, and electricity, giving the Universe a precise and specific LAW and ORDER. Without this LAW and ORDER, the mathematical definition of particles in the Universe and their relative position in space and time would not be possible. The concept of chaos is but a name for Law not recognized or understood. Moreover, there is a non material phenomena such as Consciousness that cannot be scientifically explained because of the absence of mass and locality and can therefore not be mathematically explained. This phenomenon can only be understood, through the discipline and development of the Mind and allowing the Mind to gather the subtle knowledge that cannot be gathered through mathematical equations. The human Cosmic Consciousness transcends the phenomenon of space, time, and change. It is capable of manipulating space, time, and change, when its power is recognized within the human Mind. Scientific experiments have been accomplished in this area, but the scientific explanations remain inconclusive, however intriguing, in the mental manipulation of falling objects. Cosmic Consciousness is capable of manipulating time, space, and change, because its existence is in the non-physical realm or SPIRIT.